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The Zholty Children’s House, situated on the medical campus of Sheba Hospital – Rachashei Lev’s new enterprise for children undergoing daily medical treatment.

In response to the problem of contending with the hassle of daily transportation to the hospital to receive treatment, as well as to the difficulty of coping with the unpleasant after effects of such treatment, Rachashei Lev has built the Zholty Children’s House on the campus of the Sheba Medical Center. The Children’s House, or Beit Hayeled, is a mini-hotel that serves as a wonderful place for children undergoing daily treatments to recuperate, make up missed schoolwork and receive lots of emotional support. Beit Hayeled began operating on April 29, 2007, and has been bringing immense relief to the children and their families. That’s What We’re Here For.

20 fully furnished and well-equipped handicapped- accessible suites
To enable the sick children and their families to sleep over near the hospital.
To enable children undergoing treatment in outpatient clinics to recuperate from the treatment.
To boost the spirits of the sick children and increase their confidence.
To provide the sick children with a place to play and occupy himself.
To provide the sick children with a social framework so that they maintain a healthy social life.
To prepare the sick children for integration back into normal life.
To maintain scholastic progress and prepare the sick children for their return to school.
To provide professional support for the sick children and their parents.
To assist in maintaining a normal routine.
To enable the parents to return to work and leave the child with the Rachashei Lev staff.
To encourage communication between families and children struggling with cancer.

The complex sprawls over an area of 5 dunams (5000 square meters), allocated by the management of the Tel Hashomer Hospital from the hospital campus near the children’s wing. The complex is comprised of 3 buildings interconnected via indoor passageways and shady gardens.

1. The Main Building serves as activity headquarters. It contains a game and entertainment center, an auditorium, a theater, a computer room, a library, a kitchen and a dining room.

2. Two two-story buildings contain 20 fully furnished and well-equipped handicapped-accessible suites.

Beit Hayeled offers the sick children and their families an alternative to the hassle of traveling back and forth to and from the hospital every day, enabling them, instead, to sleep over near the hospital. The Rachashei Lev staff provides the children with emotional support, a variety of fun activities and ways to give expression to their feelings and emotions. In addition, the children receive assistance in making up missed schoolwork and guidance in maintaining a normal lifestyle.

The central building serves as “activity headquarters” and a meeting place for families staying at Beit Hayeled and for children with cancer undergoing treatment at Sheba hospital. In addition, children with cancer undergoing treatment at other medical centers are also welcome to enjoy the activities at Beit Hayeled.

The Rachashei Lev staff in the building includes: a director, girls doing National Service, an educational consultant, an occupational therapist, a psychologist, a reflexologist, music teachers, computer science instructors and guest speakers.

Lectures and courses are provided for support groups for children based on criteria such as age, level of handicap and the type of disease. There are also separate support groups for parents and for siblings.

boosting the spirits of the sick children and increasing their confidence