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About Us

A National Support Center
for Cancer-Stricker Children in Israel

Our History

The Rachashei Lev organization was established in 1989 and has been a leading group in the enhancement of cancer-stricken children and their families ever since.

With the encouragement of the parents of the sick children, Rachashei Lev turned from a vision into reality, providing tremendous support to cancer-stricken children all over Israel.

In addition, Rachashei Lev offers advice and guidance both to individuals and groups who express an interest in assisting cancer-stricken children.

Our Mission

Rachashei Lev was founded with the purpose of alleviating the suffering experienced by cancer-stricken children and their families, giving them the strength to contend with cancer and the treatment it requires and helping them continue to smile and remain happy even as they battle the dreaded disease. “A healthy soul in a healthy body” is the gift that Rachashei Lev aspires to give the children at any cost!


Rachashei Lev deals with approximately 400 cancer-stricken children each year from all sectors of the community, regardless of religion, race or gender. Emphasis is placed on social, educational and psychological issues with the goal of helping the families contend with the disease. Rachashei Lev conducts non-stop activism for the benefit of cancer-stricken children all across Israel and coordinates a system of volunteers at hospitals. Girls performing national service do special activism in the oncology wards of Ichilov and Tel-Hashomer – Sheba Hospitals.