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The Luxurious Ambulance

Who can describe the joy experienced by a cancer-stricken child who, after many long weeks spent lying in a bed in the oncology ward of a hospital, merits a refreshing trip to the beach or the safari? How wonderful to leave the hospital and see the beautiful world again, to participate in a game of basketball in a sports arena, to watch a new movie or participate in a family party or social get-together! How much strength and hope such an outing provides!


“How much strength and hope such an outing provides!”
Aconsiderable portion of our daily extensive activism is carried out via the Rachashei Lev “luxury” ambulance. This is a unique ambulance, the only one of its kind in Israel. It’s equipped to provide intensive care and its sole function is to transport children with cancer.

This unique ambulance assists in transporting children with cancer to the hospital and returning them home – gratis – after test and treatments. In addition, the “luxury” ambulance opens a window of opportunity for cancer-stricken children to go anywhere they’d like away from the hospital under close medical care. This enables them to participate in social events, family get-togethers and fun days with the accompaniment of Rachashei Lev volunteers, all at no expense to the families. Rachashei Lev’s ambulance has already traveled all over Israel numerous times. Hundreds of children have had their dreams come true as they visited wonderful sites from Mt. Hermon to Eilat, from the Kinneret to the Dead Sea. Behind every child’s trip in the ambulance lies a painful and moving personal story. It’s worth every kilometer in order to alleviate a child’s suffering and bring a smile to his grimacing face.

Hundreds of children have had their dreams come true!