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Nearly every day, a child is diagnosed with a malignant disease and sets out on a long journey to battle the disease. These children are cut off from regular life as they enter a hospital framework and begin contending with chemotherapy treatments, radiation, disease and fear of death. This is where the group of girls doing national service for Rachashei Lev enter the picture, working alongside the medical staff. The doctors’ mission is to distance the disease from the child, while our mission is to distance the child from the grim experience of disease as we accompany him on his struggle to recovery.


“A Child’s Hug and Parent’s Smile are our Gifts”
When sick children are occupied with attractive, enjoyable activities, they are distracted from the disease and their spirits lift dramatically. From here, the path to recovery is shorter.

Our presence in the ward enables us to listen to the children on a daily basis and to fulfill the personal needs of each family on an individual basis. We provide auxiliary equipment and manpower as necessary, organize special events and make personal wishes and dreams come true.

At the end of each day, a child’s hug and a parent’s smile and sigh of relief are our gifts.

The volunteers offer the children an endless array of wonderful activities